How to get the best Groom Preparation photos!

Groom Preparation Photos are often overlooked in the wedding world, and overshadowed by the Bridal prep photos …..and if you’re wondering what most Groom Prep photos look like, see below.

As a seasoned Wedding Photographer, most Grooms I’ve ever come across don’t particularly want or think they need Groom preparation photos. BUT….the reason I do this job is to create a visual history of your day to help you remember it from start to finish. And a wedding is about the marriage of TWO people. So, let’s take a look at how you can make the most of your Groom Preparation photos.

Lads, lads, lads!

What happens when you get a bunch of lads together and tell them they ALL need to be ready for a certain time? 9 times out of 10, they’ll gravitate towards the nearest pub or TV screen and allocate 10 minutes getting ready time. And whilst it’s not for me to tell you how to spend your wedding morning, you might want to rethink the timings a little – here’s why.

Think about the location

Again, it’s usual but not necessarily ALWAYS the case, that the Bride has bagged the wedding suite for her prep photos whilst the Groom preparation happens at home….or in a bog standard hotel room down the road. But this doesn’t have to be the case, you could book a nice, roomy AirBnB where you can all stay together. The same rules apply as I wrote about in my Bridal Prep blog where you should think about the lighting and don’t leave the place a total mess!

Get all your bits and bobs ready

Ties can be really flipping tricky. As can cufflinks, buttonholes and perfect pocket handkerchiefs. None of which you’d usually wear if it wasn’t for the fact you’re a Groom today in preparation for his big day. But panic not, there’s always youtube videos and there’s even an app for that….yes, really! Practice and preparation is key! You don’t want to be stressing about this with minutes to go before you go say I do… you?

One for the road?

Of course you might want to have a little tipple to calm your wedding morning nerves as part of your groom preparation routine. So….allocate time for it! If you’re going to the boozer, check the opening times (yes I know this sounds a little too obvious but I’ve known people be caught out!) and I’d strongly suggest you go for this drink once fully ready, because all the aforementioned bits n bobs will only become more of a struggle once alcohol hits the system.

Enjoy yourselves

I work with a lot of camera shy people, and more often than not, it’s the Groom. They’d rather shrink in the corner than think about someone photographing their Groom Preparation routine. But, this is the last few moments of your life as an unmarried man, you’re surrounded by your best boys, so let’s have some fun. Leap in the air or pose like the Reservoir Dogs. Or a boy band. Whatever floats your boat, I’m there to capture it!

Fix up, look sharp.

You’re about to marry the love of your life. So let’s have some pics of you before you do. Now’s the time to tell your photographer about any specific details that mean something to you. And if your Mum is there, let her do your tie or your buttonhole. You were her baby boy once, and you’ll always have her heart.

It’s time!

Hurrah! You made it here in once piece, tie is done beautifully, it’s now time to take your position at the top of the aisle and WAIT. This is my favourite part of the Groom Preparation photos I take, because it’s where your real emotions come out. Yes I know you want to look cool as a cucumber, but I’ve not found a groom yet who hasn’t looked a little bit nervous at this point. And your other half will love it when they look back at these photos and see your face, finally knowing how much this moment meant to you! Ahhhhh!

So there we have it. Enjoy yourselves, don’t forget to eat, don’t get too drunk, and all the other motherly comments!

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