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Essential kit for wedding photography

10 essential pieces of kit for wedding photography

10 self-sabotaging thoughts you’ve probably had since becoming a photographer.

Ah self-sabotage! It’s so easy to get too caught up with all the online noise and suddenly you think you’ve made a terrible mistake and you’re googling “how to sell my camera.” Here are ten thoughts I’ve definitely had (and conversations with other...


I’m not joking when I say, I LOVE weddings and being able to capture all that wonderful emotion and joy for my clients.

families & newborns

Capturing your family moments just as you are, because I believe that you don’t need fancy props and that the small moments become the big moments. Let’s go for a walk in nature and embrace the mud and the chaos, or play at home and enjoy sofa snuggles


Branding photos that make you look like YOU! I’m a big believer that your headshots don’t have to be stuffy and formal and that getting your personality across is a good thing! People buy from PEOPLE!


I help other photographers to become more confident in their own businesses through 121 mentoring, styled shoot workshops or online courses

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