Foxtail Barns: A luxury barn wedding venue

If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique barn wedding venue with acres of grounds, then a Foxtail Barns Wedding might well be the one for you! Situated in Staffordshire, on the edge of the Peak District, this incredible venue will knock your socks off!

A luxury barn wedding venue like no other!

You’ll find Foxtail Barns nestled in the estate of the Tawny Hotel at Consall Hall, which is a 70 acre estate. The accommodation is described as a “deconstructed hotel” with a quirky mix of wildwood huts, treehouses, romantic boathouses, the lookout and luxury retreats. Overlooking the valley is the Plumicorn – where you’ll find a range of luxury dining options and a spa! Whilst this isn’t the actual Foxtail Barns wedding venue – you will have access to all of this beauty for your photos….and it’s where you will stay!

A purpose built wedding venue

This luxury barn wedding venue is split into 2 spaces – the orangery, which is a stunning ceremony space with red bricks and good lighting. (A wedding photographers dream!) And the Party Barn which is obviously where the party is at! As a seasoned wedding photographer, this is something I definitely approve of. because it means no awkwardly being kicked out of one space whilst the event staff transform it into another. I mean….what it it rains?!? You have to think of these things!

Here a few photos of a Foxtail Barns ceremony, beautifully styled by Ambience Venue Styling Staffordshire

The outside space

A beautiful and private walled garden awaits just outside Foxtail Barns, and this is the obvious choice for your group photographs. As aforementioned, the grounds of the estate or extensive and well worth a trip out to the various lakes and follies for your couple shots.

The party barn

A seperate space for your wedding breakfast and the party! This spacious and well lit barn has plenty of space for up to 150 guests.

In short, I LOVE photographing a Foxtail Barns Wedding. And if you’re looking for a photographer who is: 90% documentary, 10% gentle guidance and who will also give you 100% joyfulness, then get in touch!

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