“What do you do?”

I’ll be honest, the news is making me want to deactivate my social media accounts this week.

However, that’s not who I am. I LOVE social media. I love to stay connected with my friends and family, and I love making new connections in my industry or with other big hearted business owners. Plus it’s been a brilliant tool for business and I’m super grateful for all of your support.

It’s also not who I am because I’m a wear my heart on my sleeve kinda gal. I’m an eternal optimist and whilst it would be a total lie to say 2020 hasn’t ever got me down, I don’t like to stay down for long and I don’t like to bring others down with me.

Anyway, back to what I do…..I have this conversation with my kids all the time, and just so we’re all super clear….running my photography business IS MY PROPER JOB!

There is no better job out there for me and I’m extremely proud of the fact I’ve built my own business from scratch based on my own unique set of skills and talents. I’ve found loads of really wonderful clients and I’m not about to let a single person down. Myself included.

So here’s a little reminder of what I do and who I serve….and please share the hell out of this. First things first, I take JOYFUL and EXPRESSIVE photographs for WARM-HEARTED people. I’m not into the overly posed or moody look, it’s all about carefree happiness for me. And if you’re not warm-hearted then you’ve probably already stopped reading this so it doesn’t matter anyway!


This is where I started and has always been a huge part of my photography business. I cover everything from in home newborn shoots to family shoots romping through the woods to 70th birthday parties and beyond. I’ll be there capturing the real connection between you and your loved ones. I’ve got a diary full of autumn shoots planned but I can make room for one or two more. I also have a blinding offer for those of you who want to document your kids as they grow. It’s basically 4 shoots within a two-year window, but for the price of 3 session fees. A total bargain.


It properly hurts my heart that I have a lot of disappointed Brides and Grooms right now. I hate that I can’t shoot the big party celebrations for the foreseeable. BUT I have got the best clients and I’ll be there for you whatever shape it ends up taking. Some of my couples have decided to crack on and marry sooner rather than later and have the big party at a later date. Others are sitting tight because they can’t imagine doing it without their friends and extended family.

Whatever you decide, theres no judgment from me and I’m here for you.

I love weddings too much to turn my back on them now and I hold firm in my belief that they will be back.

For now, I am taking new bookings for mini Weddings, elopements, and of course bigger weddings in the future.


As a small business owner myself, I understand completely how important it is to be visible in your business. People buy from PEOPLE and they simply need to see who you are. You ARE your personal brand.

I offer full branding shoots for small business owners, which can incorporate some products or action shots. OR if you simply need some really lovely headshots for your website, socials or your LinkedIn profile, I can take those too.

It matters not to me what sort of business you’re in – you just need to want to show your personality and a bit of expression through your business shots.


This is new this year as the local schools aren’t offering sibling photographs. I have a mini studio set up in my home and I will capture those cute sibling pics. I like to have a bit of fun with them and bring out their real personalities and joyful little faces. So it’s still my style – just against a white background.

Also….as we’re heading towards Christmas, a few people have also enquired about CHRISTMAS PICS….and yes I will be offering those too. It’s a brilliant idea for Christmas presents.


This was the first thing I launched when the original lockdown hit and it’s a simple, bite sized course on how to take better everyday pics with your smartphones. I take 90% of my family pics on my smartphone too, despite having some frankly awesome cameras in my arsenal, because the best camera to capture a moment is the one you have on you. Full details are available here and it costs £20.


This is coming soon, written in non-jargony terms, because I didn’t have a clue how to use my camera when I first got it either. But I have since discovered all the wonderful features and benefits of shooting in manual.

It’s going to be available both online or on a one to one (socially distanced, obvs) in person basis – let me know if you’d like to join the wait list.


When I started out, I used to much prefer the actual taking of the photos over editing…and that’s because I didn’t know what I was doing! But I’ve invested time and effort into learning my craft and now I LOVE making pictures look even better through editing tweaks. A few people have asked me if I can take the pictures they’ve taken on their DSLRs and make them better for them, and the answer is YES – for a small fee! I have all the software and knowledge to do so. But obviously it’s all within reason – there are some of my own photos that I simply cannot rescue.

if you’ve got this far then well done and THANK YOU for your support. It feels amazing to have found a passion I’ve been able to turn into a business and I’m not about to let that go for anything or anyone.

For further details about any of the above, please contact me or give me a call on 07779 271447.

yorkshire based people photographer

Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m a glass half full kinda gal, hailing from beautiful and sometimes sunny Wetherby in Yorkshire. I’m Mummy to two energetic kids, a boy and a girl aged 6 & 4 and I’m a photographer! 

I’m happiest and most at peace with the world when I have a camera in my hand and my photographs are joyful, expressive and warmhearted. I absolutely love photographing people and Weddings and family photographs make my heart sing. 

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