Wedding photography: My style and approach

I get asked all the time how I’d describe my style of wedding photography. And I think it’s important that when you’re choosing your wedding photographer you have an idea of whether you want someone more candid or formal, who photographs in a light and airy or darker more gritty style.

I’d say my style us a mix of documentary and capturing the candid moments and some beautiful portraits that you’d be proud to have made into a canvas and on your living room wall! My edit aims to capture all the joy, colour and expression of your big day. I’m all about the real, genuine and authentic moments.

The main thing you need to know is that I’ll put anyone at ease, I’ll make an effort with your grandparents and I’ll be there for all the important moments. I meet all my couples ahead of the wedding to snap a few pre wedding pics and to go over the details, so I know exactly how you want me to play it on your big day.

I’m lucky to meet many different people, all doing their weddings their way. But I do seem to have a type and the people who book me love a good party. They love their family and they want a fun laidback day. They are relaxed and unfussy and trust that I’m on top of things, capturing all the important stuff.

So, with that in mind….

I’ve put together this guide so you know what you can expect from me as your wedding photographer!


All little things that come together to make your wedding yours. These are the things that I know you’ve painstakingly chosen and put loads of thought into. So I’ll start my day by making sure to snap those.

It’s the perfect way to start telling the story of your big day.


One of my favourite parts of the day – the anticipation, the nervousness and the girls all together having a pamper and maybe a few glasses of fizz before the big day. I love being invited to join these intimate celebrations and snapping the happy, joyful faces.

So whether you’re getting ready with 8 bridesmaids, or just one, or just with your Mum – I’ll be there capturing those lovely moments for you.

Which leads me onto the first time your Dad (or whoever it is that’s walking you down the aisle) sees you in your dress too…just look at their faces. So proud!


Of course I’ll always check in with the groom and his gang before the nuptials. Often found looking very nervous and hiding in the bar! Or making sure their tie is perfect with their Mum.


Eeek….it’s nearly time to go say I do. So whether you’re arriving by car, campervan, or simply coming down the stairs, I’ll be there to snap those proud and nervous faces! Then I take my position in the church or ceremony room and capture those last few moments of anticipation before your loved one claps their eyes on you for the first time!


I will have introduced myself to your celebrant and discussed where’s best for me to stand so as not to get in their way. It’s usually just behind them and to the left, and I’m looking for those glorious facial expressions when you see each other for the first time in all your finery. Those tearful moments as you say your vows and exchange rings, and of course your first kiss. You’ll be so wrapped up in each other you’ll barely notice me, but trust me, I’ll be snapping away in the background!


YAY! You’re married! Now it’s time to relax and say hello to your loved ones. Gives me chance to relax and snap a few candid shots too.


I know not everyone chooses to have little ones at their wedding, but if you do, I’ll make sure to snap a few cute pictures of them as they’re more than likely important to you. Plus kids wedding outfits are so gorgeous!


Some wedding photographers say they don’t do these. I do them and I enjoy doing them, because these are the pictures your relatives and loved ones want on their walls. So as part of our wedding prep discussions we’ll agree on a small list of group shots (I recommend no more than 10) and get on with those straight away before too many drinks are consumed – you’ll thank me for that later!


Your big moment….and also chance to sneak away from the main wedding party for 30 mins or so and have some beautiful loved up portraits taken. 9 out of 10 couples that come to me claim to be really camera shy and to hate having their photo taken. My opinion on this is that you’ll feel amazing on your wedding day! It’s your one chance to get these photos and you will love them. I’ll work through your concerns with you and give you gentle guidance to put you at ease and give you flattering pictures that I know you’ll love.

I promise – nothing naff or cheesy!


You can never have too much confetti in my humble opinion. Depends on your venue as to whether it’ll be indoor or outdoor….but if you love fun, colour, and mischievous wedding guests shrieking with glee as they shower you in confetti then I highly recommend you get some! And that we do it AFTER your bride and groom shoot if possible as you’ll be covered in the stuff!


Whilst you relax with your guests I’ll also photograph your room set up for the wedding brekkie whilst they look beautiful and before it gets full of people. If you’ve put thought, time and effort into it, I’m photographing it!


LAUGHTER. JOY. EXPRESSION. EMOTION. All come out during the speeches and I’m like a silent stalker at the back of the room with my big zoom lens looking out for those laughers and the criers! I loved seeing the array of facial expressions when we got these photos back from our big day.


I’ll photograph all of the above, and unless you’ve asked me to stay longer, I’ll usually slip off about 30 mins after your first dance, but not before I’ve snapped a couple of drunken dancing to floor filler shots.

And then whilst you party until your feet hurt and the wedding heels have long been kicked off, I’ll return home to download and back up your photographs so we know the memories of the most important day of your life are SAFE!

So…if this all sounds good to you, get in touch and let’s book a zoom call or chat to talk about your big day.

You can contact me via email or via a good old fashioned phone call on 07779 271447.

I think it’s super important that you like and feel confident with your wedding photographer and I like to think I’m all of the above.

This is me by the way….hello! 🙂

yorkshire based people photographer

Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m a glass half full kinda gal, hailing from beautiful and sometimes sunny Wetherby in Yorkshire. I’m Mummy to two energetic kids, a boy and a girl aged 6 & 4 and I’m a photographer! 

I’m happiest and most at peace with the world when I have a camera in my hand and my photographs are joyful, expressive and warmhearted. I absolutely love photographing people and Weddings and family photographs make my heart sing. 

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