Summer holiday survival! (August 365 project!)

So the summer holidays came and went in the blink of an eye! I’m not gonna lie, I was more than a little bit nervous before the summer holidays started. With my eldest completing his first year in reception, this was our first proper summer holidays and 6 weeks felt like SUCH a long time! It’s a shock to the system when you’ve had them in nursery 7:30am – 6pm, 51 weeks of the year and then, well, you don’t have anything!

I was worried! How would I juggle childcare around work? How would I cope with the fact it’s my busiest time of the year in both jobs? How would I entertain the kids on my days off? And would I in fact, just tear my hair out?

What I didn’t prepare myself for was that it might all actually exceed my expectations, that it might fly by and that I might just really enjoy it!

I chilled out a bit (ok, a lot!) and accepted that it wouldn’t be my most productive time. The kids had to be the priority. We crafted, we had days out with some ace people, we had a day out to Chester Zoo (hence the Tiger!) and Rich took a bit more time off than expected so we had some lovely family time together.

Our summer holiday was a week in Scarborough staying with the in-laws. We were super lucky with the weather (hellooooo bank holiday heatwave!) I swam in the North Sea three times and it was actually really relaxing. Something so very therapeutic about being by the sea.

I wouldn’t say it’s been idyllic 100% of the time, and it certainly hasn’t been easy, but I have actually really loved it. The kids have been little legends MOST of the time, and I’m super grateful for the amazing Grandparents, because, frankly I couldn’t have managed the juggle without them! Oh and I also got a lot of sh*t done in both jobs and important decisions were made.

Here’s to all the other parents who have survived the juggle too. You’re all simply awesome.

September now, and I am STRUGGLING to get back into the swing of things! Tell me I’m not the only one?!

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Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m a glass half full kinda gal, hailing from beautiful and sometimes sunny Wetherby in Yorkshire. I’m Mummy to two energetic kids, a boy and a girl aged 6 & 4 and I’m a photographer! 

I’m happiest and most at peace with the world when I have a camera in my hand and my photographs are joyful, expressive and warmhearted. I absolutely love photographing people and Weddings and family photographs make my heart sing. 

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